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Pump station horizontal IBC pump B200 in stainless steel


This extremely compact IBC pump is an interesting alternative when a conventional vertical drum...more
without PURE version
with FPM seal

This extremely compact IBC pump is an interesting alternative when a conventional vertical drum pump cannot be used, e.g. for IBC containers stored on racks.

In these cases, access from above is no longer possible, but the floor drain of the IBC can be used.
For this purpose the horizontal container pump B200 is screwed directly to the bottom outlet of the container.

Examples of liquids:
Low-viscosity mineral oil products, emulsions, solvents, aqueous solutions, oil, alkalis and acids, vegetable oils, cleaning, care and disinfection agents


  • Centrifugal pump with axial impeller in compact design
  • Direct connection to the floor drain of the IBC tank by means of a standard union (S60 x 6)
  • Variable drive concept (various universal and air motors)
  • Explosion-proof versions for applications in hazardous areas (zone 1 and 2), including check valve
  • Significantly better hydraulic performance compared to hydrostatic outlet


  • Low space requirement
  • Easy to dismantle, two-piece pump with clamp connections according to DIN 32676
  • No suction hose required, therefore considerably less product is released when disconnecting
  • Operation against closed nozzles (e.g. ball valve, nozzle) is always possible
  B200  Stainless steel 41-R mechanical seal materials: Stainless...
  B200 Stainless steel 41-R mechanical seal

Stainless steel 1.4571, ETFE, PTFEcarbon
, ceramic, FPM
Density: max. up to 1,4 kg/dm³
Fluid temperature:  max. up to 100 °C
Weight: approx. 1,5 kg
Flow rate  
Flow rate:* max. 225 l/min.
Delivery head:* max. 13 m WS
Viscosity:* max. 650 mPas

 * determined with water at 20 °C