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Pump set explosive media with residual draining

for aggressive and highly inflammable liquids

Immersion depth:


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  • 0205-511
  • upon request
  • is suitable for the Ex - area
Suitable for residual emptying of containers with flammable and highly inflammable liquids and...more
Product information "Pump set explosive media with residual draining"

Motor: ME II 3 - 460W, 230V
Immersion depth: 1000 mm (mechanical seal)

Suitable for residual emptying of containers with flammable and highly inflammable liquids and for use in potentially explosive environments

Examples of liquids:
e.g. acetone, conc. formic acid, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, conc. acetic acid, nicotine, toluene, styrene, etc. 


  • Optimised drum emptying with a remaining residue of approx. 0.1 litres
  • No grease filling in the pumping station
  • With radial impeller = L (impeller) for higher heads
  • Approved according to ATEX directive 2014/34/EU, category 1/2


  • No problematic tipping to dispense remaining residue
  • Maximum product utilization with reduced drum cleaning and disposal costs
  • No leakage if the pumping unit is tilted or moved
  • No contamination of the pumped medium by lubricants

Pump set consisting of:
Motor, pumping unit RE-Niro 41-L-GLRD in stainless steel, 2 m universal chemical hose 3/4" electrically conductive integrated with hose connection stainless steel, nozzle stainless steel (1.4571), potential equalisation cable, drum adapter PP (without Ex-plug).

Optionally also available with Ex-plug completely assembled.


Technical data
Suitable media: Styrol, Äththylacetat, Essigsäure, Aceton, Ameisensäure, Butylacetat, Nikotin, Toluol
Pump tube (material): Niro (Edelstahl)
Impeller (material): ETFE (ethylene-tetrafluorethylene copolymer)
Mechanical seal (material): Kohle, Keramik, PTFE, HC-4 (2.4610), Edelstahl (1.4571)
Static seal (material): FEP ummantelt
Drive shaft (material): Edelstahl (1.4571)
Bearing (material): Edelkohle
Delivery rate (up to max. l/min)*: 67, 77
Delivery rate with Nozzle (up to max. l/min)*: 40, 45
Delivery head (up to max. mWS)*: 14, 28
Fluid temperature (max °C): 100
density (up to kg/dm³): 1.6, 2.8
Viscosity (up to mPas): 500 (e.g. hydraulic oil)
Immersion length (mm): from 1000 mm, from 1500 mm
Immersion tube diameter (up to mm): 41
Conveyor wheel shape / drive type: Radial-flow impeller
Seal type: Mechanical seal (MS)
Thread (inch) outside: 1 1/4"
Type of drive: Electric, Compressed air
Output (W): 460, 1000
Voltage (V): 230
Operating pressure (max. bar): lower than 6 bar
Frequency (Hz): 50
Protection type: IP54
Version: Unterspannungsauslöser
Explosion protection: explosion-proof
Certification: Atex approval
Schlauchlänge (mm): 2000

* Die max. Fördermenge ist ein ermittelter Wert mittels Prüfstand und gemessen mit Wasser bei einer Mediumstemperatur von ca. 20° C. Die Messung erfolgt am Druckstutzen der Pumpe, ohne Schlauch, Zapfpistole oder Durchflussmesser. Die im Einsatz erzielbare Fördermenge ist niedriger und hängt von der individuellen Anwendung, den Medieneigenschaften sowie der Konfiguration der Pumpe ab. Die max. Förderhöhe ist ebenso abhängig von Pumpenausführung, Motor und Medium. Die Viskositätswerte werden mit Öl ermittelt.

** Prüfaufbau: Medium Wasser / Diesel, Durchfluss in Vorzugsrichtung, Beruhigungsstrecke 0,2 m vor und nach dem Durchflusszähler

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Action: 10
1000 mm
Explosion protection
Pump set explosive media Pump set explosive media
for aggressive and highly inflammable liquids
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