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Hydraulic Drum emptying system with follower plate

Due to its infinitely variable operation, the mobile, hydraulic drum emptying system with...more

Due to its infinitely variable operation, the mobile, hydraulic drum emptying system with follower plate from Lutz is especially designed for the gentle emptying of drums filled with high-viscosity, paste-like and viscous substances.

Examples of suitable liquids:
Lipstick, emulsion paint, ice cream, yogurt, tomato paste, honey, fats, glucose, mascara, lip gloss, creams, vaseline®, ointments, jelly, vegetable purée, fruits as well as juices for babies and small children.


  • Gentle operation by manual infi nitely variable control of the follower plate via control valve
  • Securing the drums by holding clamps
  • To be used for cylindrical or slightly conical drums, plastic containers or containers with inliner
  • Almost residue-free emptying of the drums
  • Pulsation-free pumping/emptying
  • Emptying speed adjustable
  • No lateral escaping of the medium as follower plate is guided down
  • Easy and quick change of sealing lip (on request, follower plate can be adapted to container/drum)
  • Can also be used as a mobile drum pump system without the follower plate
  • Quick removal of the pump or outer tube for cleaning
  • Further options possible

Complete system consisting of:

Order No. Description
0370-110 Follower plate system with trolley and hydraulic power unit
0370-120 Special follower plate adjusted diameters 
with various sealing lips
0176-804 3-phase motor, 230/400V, 50Hz, 1.5kW, IE2, with foot
with frequency converter, 400V, 50Hz, 180-900 1/min
0172-560 Pump tube B70V-H-D 50.1 SanitaryPlus Ex
MS - PTFE/FPM, 1100 mm, tri-clamp inlet
Technical data   Material: stainless steel polished  Flow...
Technical data  
Material: stainless steel polished 
Flow rates (depending on the pump size): up to 120 l/min.
Motors: Three-phase motors beginning with 0,75 kW, with foot-mounted/ flanged version and frequency converter or gearmotor and compressed air motors 
Pump: Eccentric screw pump with Tri-Clamp connection on the pump foot Length 1100 mm
Sealing lip: EPDM, optionally FKM and PTFE
Max. bearing load hydraulic arm: 100 kg
Infi nitely variable: 0-5 cm/s
Required power supply: 400 V/50 Hz, 3-phase, 16 A
Lube-free compressed air: max. 8 bar
Dimensions: Width: 0,55 m 
Length: 1,14 m 
Height (lowest position): 2,12 m 
Height (top position): 2,68 m
Weight trolley (without pump):

140 kg