Lutz Centrifugal Pumps


In many cases, hazardous fluids must not be discharged through openings that are located on the side or bottom of storage containers. Others require a hermetically sealed pump housing thus no leaks can occur.

Lutz vertical and horizontal centrifugal pumps ensure a safe transfer of aggressive chemicals, corrosive acids and caustics and many other hazardous liquids.

  • Distribution of chemical products from storage tanks.
  • Transfer and redelivery in galvanic and hot zinc plating processes, pickling- and anodising oxidation treatment.
  • Recirculation of acids and bases, stripping baths, photo chemicals.
  • Lift and return in water treatment plants.
  • Emptying sumps in industrial and municipal waste disposals.
  • Supplying the liquid to the nozzle ramp in washing systems and surface treatment systems.
  • and many other highly corrosive, sterile or radioactive liquids.
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