Lutz Flow Meters


Lutz flow meters are suitable for a precise volume measurement of clean, thin-bodied up to high viscous liquids. The modular construction permits a wide range of applications.Individual modules such as the basic meter, relay module and operating unit can be combined and expanded as needed:

  • Liquid measurement, totalling only from a container into another, in order to total the amount of liquid.
  • Liquid measurement with pre-selection (batching). The relay module, integrated in the meter system, switches the pump motor and/or the solenoid valve after reaching the pre-selected quantity.
  • Mobile use on a drum and container pump or stationary use in a pipework.
  • Neutral liquids such as water, fuel oil, diesel, hydraulic oils.
  • Aggressive acids and caustics such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, caustic soda.
  • Easily inflammable solvents such as methanol, gasoline, isopropanol, kerosene.
  • Viscous mediums such as resins, adhesives, paints and lacquers, latex, molasses, glucose.
  • External data evaluation and signal processing (e.g. PLC)
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