Lutz Drum and Container Pumps


Lutz drum and container pumps are constructed to assure safety and economy when transfering neutral, aggressive and flammable liquids from different-sized containers. They will used for pumping aqueous and light viscous liquids in mobile or stationary use.

We have the pump suited to any medium to be pumped - without compromise:

  • Acids and alkalis, chemical solutions, organic & inorganic compounds
  • Fuels, diesel, motor oils & additives
  • Acid & alkaline bath solutions, etching baths, pickling solutions, sewage water
  • Solvents, thinners, hardeners, paints and laquers, ink
  • Cutting oils, coolants, hydraulic & gear oils, cleaning agents, impregnations
  • Flavours, vegatable oils, pharmaceutical and food products, desinfection solutions
  • Epoxy and polyester resins, natural rubber, adhesives, glue, low-viscosity grease, latex, molasses, glucose, cremes, mousse
  • and much more


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