Be in control every day
Safety first with Lutz Drum Pumps and Container Pumps: We have the pump suited to any medium to be pumped - without compromise.
Take Control
Flow measurement must be efficient, economical and suited for practical applications. Lutz Flow Meters track precisely what´s ''flowing out''.
Through thick and thin with Lutz
Lutz Double Diaphragm Pumps are capable of delivering even critical liquids to be conveyed in a gentle and safe manner.
Reliability - a Given with Lutz
Lutz vertical and horizontal Centrifugal Pumps for stationary or mobile applications.

An Alliance of Strengths
Lutz Pumpen GmbH - Drum and container pumps, Flow meter, Double diaphragm pumps, Centrifugal pumpsLutz Jesco GmbH - Dosing pumps, Chlorine gas metering devices, Measuring- and control technology, Centrifugal pumpsLutz GmbH + Co. KG - Glass ampoules, Vials, Syringe cylinders, Aroma tubes, Packaging solutions



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  • Highly resistant, lightweight, safe:
    The new Lutz B2 Vario PVDF for the transfer
    of small liquid amounts of chlorine and
    fluorine containing media

    Electric drum and container pumps of series Lutz B2 Vario are for many years the...
Featured Links
  • PURE

    New: Lutz Pumps and Flow Meters in PURE-Version

    Lutz offers with the new Lutz PURE series a product which is suitable for handling foodstuff and which is in compliance ...
  • indirect measurement

    New: Contact-free indirect measurement

    Measurement effected – hygienically and free from wear – without direct contact with the liquid being pumped...


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